Millennials Traveling Hobbies? Here’s how to finance a vacation with short-term investments

Traveling for the millenial generation has become a mandatory requirement. However, don’t let traveling hobbies beat the need for preparation in the future. You can short-term investment to finance traveling needs and keep saving for other posts!

You Only Life Once (YOLO) which means to live only once. This proverb is often used as a way of life by the generation of millenials. A one-time life makes us want to enjoy it as much as possible. Usually people who apply the life principle of YOLO will tend to prefer spending their money on traveling rather than investing because with traveling they can get new experiences that have never been obtained before such as getting to know the local culture, trying traditional culinary areas, and so on.

The millennial generation that applies the life principle of YOLO has the idea that investing for the future is not too important because old age can be considered later, what is important is the present. It’s like, they don’t want to bother and just want to enjoy their life now. Hayo, who among you is like that?

In order to be able to compare the two, you must see in terms of the benefits obtained from traveling and investment. As you know, investment has benefits and goals so that our future can be brighter and more secure so that when we enter old age, we have funds that can be used to support our daily needs. So while still in the productive age, we are always advised to set aside funds for investment so that the old age does not need to be tired of working hard again.

Then what are the benefits of traveling? For people who travel frequently, they have a much lower stress level and feel their lives are happier. This is because when traveling, you can take a vacation by resting the brain from the burden of problems and daily office work routines. After traveling and returning to routine, productivity and work performance will be more optimal. So traveling is not just to waste money, but also there are many invisible benefits that are behind it.

Traveling and investment can also walk side by side

When told to choose one between traveling or investment, surely many of us cannot choose because both of them have good benefits for us. Actually we don’t need to make choices because traveling and investment are equally important to do. Isn’t it better if we do both? On the one hand, you can still get a safe future with investment, on the one hand you can avoid feeling depressed and stressed from daily routines.

By doing both side by side, you can get happiness in productive times with traveling and happiness in old age because of the investment that you have already made.

Tips for managing funds for traveling and investment
So that traveling and investment can run side by side, surely you have to manage your money properly. So how do we manage it? Try to see tips from first!

1. Calculate the budget for traveling and investment

The first thing that you must do to manage your traveling and investment funds is to calculate what the budget must be set aside from monthly income. But to find out, inevitably you have to calculate how much your monthly expenses. For more clarity, let’s do a simulation first. For example, your monthly income reaches IDR 10 million. Then the costs that you need to spend per month are:

Cost of boarding or rented Rp1 million
Meal fee of Rp1 million
Transportation costs IDR 800 thousand
Electricity costs IDR 250 thousand
Credit fee of IDR 250 thousand
Lifestyle costs IDR 300 thousand
Installment fees such as credit cards, housing loans (mortgages), motor vehicle loans (KKB), and so forth reached IDR 3 million
The total cost to be incurred per month is Rp.6.6 million.

After calculating all monthly fees, you can find out the remaining funds that will be allocated for traveling and investment. If the monthly income is IDR 10 million, the remaining funds will be IDR 10 million – IDR 6 million = IDR 3.4 million. So that later your life will be balanced during the productive period and retirement, then you have to divide in half the remaining funds to become IDR 3.4 million: 2 = IDR 1.7 million.

2. Make separate savings for traveling and investment

For the next type of short-term investment there are mutual funds that do not have to bother running because there is an Investment Manager (MI) who will help and guide you to choose and manage the mutual fund investment. This mutual fund investment has several types, namely money market mutual funds, fixed income mutual funds, stock mutual funds, index mutual funds, and mixed mutual funds. The advantages of mutual funds are that the minimum deposit is very flexible. There is a range of hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah depending on the bank you choose.

Life becomes happier and planned with traveling and investment

By traveling and investing together, your life can be more planned. So, from now on, do both of them right away, Moneysavers so you can feel happiness in your youth and old age later. Happy traveling and investing!

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